IT Consultancy Services

IT Reseller, London

MPC recognises that a company wishing to invest in any form of information technology may well benefit from the services of an independent consultant. With this in mind we have set up to provide independent consultancy to advise clients on all aspects of computerising a business.

UK IT Consultancy Services

The consultancy process can be complex and typically includes identifying a clients requirements, selecting computer systems, office systems and applications, software development and the specification and design of networks and communication, cabling systems and computer rooms.

Once a client has chosen a solution to their requirements, our consultants are available to help and advise on all aspects of implementation and training. These are vital ingredients in ensuring that clients obtain the best possible advantage from any investment in new technology.

A computer IT consultant needs to possess the following skills:

  • Advisory skills
  • Technical skills
  • Business skills
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Advisory language skills
  • Business and management language skills
  • Technical language skills

As computer consultants we will prepare specifications on I.T. infrastructure and facilitate and monitor system implementation, completing the necessary documentation and supervising clients through the full technology life cycle.

Computer System Installation

Computer Installation ServicesThe installation of computer systems is a complex task. Numerous skills must be brought to bear to ensure the installation is on time, within budget and to the highest possible specification. At MPC our systems engineers have a minimum of ten years experience of installing computer systems of widely varying capacities and configurations.

We will install all new computers and remove all your old computers.

Our computer installation service is scalable to meet the needs of both large organisations and small businesses. We will commission equipment and deliver to the customer site. We install software, third party hardware devices and connect desktop systems to your network infrastructure. We configure Apple servers, RAID storage devices and program auto back up devices. The service extends to equipment purchased from other vendors and includes memory and hard drive upgrades.

All these activities are coordinated under our project planning and management service.

Whatever the size of installation, MPC have the skills and experience to make it a success.


Computer Cabling Services LondonMPC’s experienced computer cable engineers can service the complete installation of your computer systems from design to implementation including cabling systems, electrical supplies, computer rooms and more.

We can provide everything you need to make your system a success, from the supply, design and installation of a complete premises distribution system, including clean power supplies to the addition of a 13 amp socket in your building. We have the expertise to design and install most of the popular cabling systems.

  • Twisted pair
  • Fiber Optic cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Patch cable
  • Ethernet (crossover) cable
  • Power lines
  • References
  • External links

IT Support in UK

We are a UK IT computer supplier and a computer support company.

Our business has been built on business IT support to cover our customers every need which enables us to build a strong long term relationship.

All computer hardware and computer software we supply is fully supported by the manufactures’ guarantee.London IT Support Services

MPC will advise you of the available support levels. Our technical support team will be available to resolve any issues current and ongoing issues.

There is also a demonstration and training centre for further support with all the up to date technical information.