IT Reseller, London

We have found that MPC Services have great knowledge on a lot of products and are able to supply quickly

Manchester University – Tim Harris, Head of Department

I am writing to thank MPC services for their commitment support and supply throughout the years. Thank You very much

Hatfield College – Gordon Higgins, IT Technician

I would like say that I have found MPC Services fully committed to supplying our every need with full support

Three Valley’s Water – Mike Smith, Product Manager

MPC services have always worked hard to meet all our needs. Thank you!

Freightliner Ltd – Charlie Jones, IT Procurement Manager

GU would like to show our appreciation to MPC Services for all the support throughout the years

GU Production – Paul Cornell, Department Manager

MPC services have supplied me with hardware and software for the last 10 years . I have always found them very helpful and friendly supporting us in every direction

New River Holdings Ltd – Chris Brine, IT Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MPC Services for all their efforts . They have proved that they can supply a wide range of products with technical support and a friendly attitude

CTS Ltd – John Hall, Equipments Manager

It has been a pleasure working with MPC services. They have made my job easier because I deal with one person which has allowed me to get on with other important duties

Ealing Medical Centre – Kiri Kyriacou, Human Resources Manager